Catering Cottages Easingwold

Catering Cottages Easingwold

Who doesn’t need a breakaway from it all from time to time? Modern living with all its conveniences and time saving features seems to have brought along with it a certain fast paced pressure filled element that leaves all too many of us feeling that we are in great need of a change of scene to calm and quiet the soul at the earliest opportunity. Large cities have become home to millions of us around the country and its true to say that cities certainly have their attractions and benefits. A city can bring with it a certain energy, life, vibe and the feeling of really being at the heart of it so to speak. Time spent in a city amongst the hustle and bustle can infuse energy and be a great source of inspiration. Apart from providing many career opportunities cities are a wonderful way to network and meet people from around the world. Such exposure to a variety of culture, cuisine, history and architecture add a wonderful wealth of experience to ones life experiences.

Over time however, the excitement and fun of city life can take its toll. Perhaps deep within the core of every human is a longing for something that nature alone can give us. The sights, sounds and smells of a natural environment offer the ability to revive and soothe our innermost being in a way that is difficult to achieve from any other kind of artificial setting.

For decades residents up and down the United Kingdom have been making the journey to the beautiful rolling hills of North Yorkshire for a healthy dose of natures calming powers. The sound of silence each morning upon waking fills the body with a certain serenity. The feeling of having nowhere in particular to go, by no particular time, makes such a refreshing change from the crammed work and social diaries of a big city life.

Are you looking for a weekend escape from it all? Why not consider Askrigg Farm Cottages, two beautiful traditional self catering cottages. Easingwold is the perfect haven to get away for a few days. Wake up when you feel like it, spend a lazy morning cooking up a delicious breakfast and lazy evenings playing cards with drink in hand. Easingwold and the surrounding areas have been attracting holiday makers from around the country through the years thanks to the stunning natural beauty of the North Yorkshire countryside. Whilst there’s always a time and a place for a hotel stay there is something liberating and free about a stay in self catering cottages. Easingwold based Askrigg Farm Cottages are two such delightful self catering cottages allowing you to take full control of your break, cooking whenever you feel like it and eating out whenever you feel like it.

Are you looking to take a break in self catering cottages? Easingwold based Askrigg Farm Cottages may just be the perfect solution. Why not visit our website and give us a call today!