Cottage Rentals Wensleydale

When it comes to cottage rentals, Wensleydale should be top of the list for holidaymakers. To the east side of the Pennines hill range, it is beautifully located for a peaceful holiday with friends or family. When it comes to getting to know the area well, there is no better way than by spending a few days here. You will soon appreciate the beauty of the Yorkshire Dales, with stunning views of hills, valleys, rivers and fields.
So why should you book one of the fine cottage rentals Wensleydale has to offer instead of looking for a hotel? Simply put, the cottage rentals Wensleydale has to offer in Askrigg offer a more relaxed and homely standard of holiday. Here are some of the advantages to cottage rentals when visiting Wensleydale.
The first advantage is the freedom that comes with cottage rentals. You are in charge of your holiday. There are no seating times for breakfast or dinner. You can choose your timeframe. Whether you like warm, cosy mornings in bed, or to be out at the break of dawn, your time is your own. Similarly, your dinner can be late at night after a long day out, or early evening in front of the television. However you like to run your holiday, no one is setting the schedule for you.
Not only the time, but also your choice of meals is your own. With cottage rentals, you choose what you want to eat. As well as the option to cook at home, Wensleydale has a variety of excellent restaurants within easy travel distance which means you can enjoy whatever food you fancy without restriction.
Another major advantage is that you can enjoy your holiday as a group. For example, each of the cottage rentals available at Askrigg, Nanny End Cottage and Kirk Close, have space for six, plus a baby, meaning that with both cottages you could host up to twelve people. In other words, rental cottages are perfect for going away with your family or friends, or if you have a special occasion such as an anniversary or a family reunion.
Rental cottages also have features such as washing machines and microwaves, meaning that for family groups it is far easier to look after your group than in a hotel setting. Askrigg Farm Cottages also have an open fire, perfect for a winter getaway!
Rental cottages have many advantages. Combine this with the beautiful surroundings of Wensleydale and you have either a wonderfully relaxing holiday, or the basis for an action-packed week with exciting local attractions.
So, if you want cottage rentals, Wensleydale has the solution in Askrigg Farm Cottages! The two rental cottages, Kirk Close and Faith Hill, are close to the village of Askrigg and offer the best balance of space, comfort and nearby amenities whilst maintaining the historic local style of the original seventeenth century cottages on the site. Book now for a holiday you will not forget in a beautiful part of the United Kingdom.