Cottage Wensleydale

Wensleydale is a beautiful destination for a holiday, home of the famous cheese and nestled in the east side of the Pennines. If you're looking for somewhere to go away that offers stunning scenery, plenty of culture and history too, Wensleydale is a top pick for your next trip. When you decide to visit, you need somewhere to stay, and the best way to explore the area is from a self-catering cottage. By booking a cottage in Wensleydale, you have the freedom to experience the area as you like. Enjoy your own private accommodation when you stay in one of our cottages and explore the area.

About Wensleydale

Wensleydale has a rich history, beautiful natural features and plenty of things for visitors to do. If you want to find an idyllic spot in North Yorkshire, Wensleydale offers a little bit of everything so that you can explore the region how you want to. Whether you like to enjoy the outdoors, you want to find some historical sites to visit or you even want to find some fun places to shop, you can find plenty to do in the area. Wensleydale has a lot of offer all types of travellers, from families to groups of friends or even people on retreats.

Reasons to Book a Self-catering Cottage

Booking a cottage in Wensleydale is a great idea if you're travelling as a group. Self-catering accommodation makes sense, instead of a hotel, if you want to be able to save money and have more control over your stay. You can cook for yourself, instead of relying on restaurants and eating out, you can come and go as you wish, and you enjoy a private living space too. You have your accommodation to yourself, with no need to share anything with any other guests. Self-catering accommodation is perfect for larger family groups or friends who are looking for somewhere to stay together.

Our Cottages

Our two cottages in the village of Askrigg offer the perfect base for your stay in Wensleydale. Each cottage has three bedrooms and can sleep up to six people, plus a baby. They offer comfortable living space, fully-equipped kitchens and outdoor spaces so that you have everything that you need for a comfortable stay. Each cottage also benefits from an open fire, as well as central heating, keeping guests warm during colder weather. Conveniences include a dishwasher and washing machine so that guests can make themselves at home and easily have a comfortable stay.

Book a Cottage in Wensleydale

Book your cottage in Wensleydale so you have a comfortable place to stay for your trip to the region. When you stay in one of our cottages, you can enjoy not just the cottage itself, but your surroundings too. Wensleydale is a fun place to stay, with a little something for everyone, and ideal for anyone looking for a quiet getaway.

Get in touch with use by calling or emailing to enquire about availability or to book a cottage for your stay in the area.