Guest Houses Yorkshire Dales

Askrigg Farm Cottages offers self-catering cottages for visitors to the Yorkshire Dales. This beautiful part of the country attracts people from far and wide and we know that you need accommodation that meets your needs and matches beauty and serenity of the landscapes found across the Yorkshire Dale. Our guest houses are all beautifully finished, peaceful in their location and close to some of the spectacular natural locations you’ll find in North Yorkshire.

Our two guest houses are located in the very heart of Wensleydale. We’re proud to offer visitors such high-quality accommodation and we do everything possible to make your stay here comfortable. The tranquillity of Wensleydale is hard to beat, so if you’re heading to the Dales to escape the city and enjoy everything we have to offer here, you won’t be disappointed.

Self-Catering Guest Houses

Because of the self-catering nature of our guest houses in the Yorkshire Dales, you’ll have complete control over your stay here. You can make the most of your stay and feel comfortable in our accommodation, which feels more like a temporary home than a sterile hotel room. That’s something we feel is very important and it’s why we do what we can to make our guest homes welcoming and accommodation for guests.

Ideally Suited to Groups

If you’re travelling to the Yorkshire Tales with a group of people and you need a large place to stay together while you’re exploring, our guest houses are ideally suited to your needs. We also often have families stay in our guest houses; they’re flexible enough to suit all kinds of needs. But the space on offer is definitely of huge benefit to the people who choose to stay here with us.

What to Expect From Our Guest Houses

When you arrive at our guest houses, the first thing you’ll notice is the location and the surroundings. We’re in a very quiet and tranquil spot, ideal for families that don’t want to be near busy roads or other dangers, and just as ideal for people who want some peace and quiet on their holiday. You’ll also find that there are three bedrooms in each and they can sleep six people and a baby in each guest house. Everything is in place to make the stay comfortable. Conveniences such as a dishwasher, washing machine and, of course, central heating are all there.

How to Book a Stay Here in the Yorkshire Dales

We have a contact form on our website if you want to get in touch to make a booking. Alternatively, you can contact us by calling 01969 650050 or send us an email at We’ll help you book a stay with us in no time.

So, don’t hesitate to get in touch and making a booking if you’re interested in making the most of what our guest houses located in the Yorkshire Dales have to offer. You won’t be disappointed by your stay here and we’ll make everything as easy, comfortable and straightforward as it can be for you.