Self Catering Accommodation Wensleydale

When it comes to planning your holiday in self catering accommodation, Wensleydale has everything you need. This is the ideal self catering holiday for couples, families or groups of friends. The farm cottages at Askrigg, Nanny End Cottage and Kirk Close, are comfortable self catering accommodation at the heart of Wensleydale.
To a person from Yorkshire, the area is simply known as ‘God’s own country’, and when you visit Wensleydale, North Yorkshire, you will see that this name is well deserved. Yorkshire is a beautiful county, and Wensleydale is a jewel within the Yorkshire Dales National Park.
You will notice that many of the places in Yorkshire have ‘dale’ in the name, including Wensleydale, home of the lovely Askrigg farm cottages. A dale is a northern English word for a valley in an area that is otherwise hilly. Wensleydale is the valley of the River Ure, which runs on the east side of the Pennine hills. In this area, easily accessed from the self catering accommodation, Wensleydale has some of the finest countryside that the United Kingdom has to offer.
In the immediate vicinity of the self catering accommodation, Wensleydale consists of the valley of the River Ure. This area is ideal for exploring. If you enjoy hiking, then you can walk from Askrigg itself or make a short journey by car to any one of a number of start points for pleasant walks amongst beautiful scenery.
One beautiful feature of the valley, within easy distance of Askrigg, are the waterfalls. One which is worth visiting is Hardraw Force, on Hardraw Beck. This is the highest unbroken waterfall above ground in the United Kingdom. Not too far away, the Aysgarth Falls are also a site of beauty. Whereas Hardraw Force is high, Aysgarth Falls are low with a series of stepped drops. For those interested in 90s Hollywood references, both of these waterfalls feature in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves; Aysgarth Falls was the scene of the quarterstaff fight between Robin and Little John, and Hardraw Force was the famous scene where Maid Marian spies on Robin bathing!
Near the self catering accommodation, Wensleydale branches off into several smaller dales, including Cotterdale and Raydale. Each has its own beauty and places to walk. For those who wish to travel a little further afield, the beautiful scenery continues. To the north, you can explore Swaledale, and to the south, Wharfedale.
What is amazing about this scenery is the peace and beauty within only a short journey of the self catering accommodation. There is a sense of tranquillity within the National Park that is hard to recreate elsewhere. Wensleydale has much to offer for walkers and cyclists. But beyond this, there are the rest of the Yorkshire Dales to explore. You could walk a section of the Pennine Way, for example, tracing the hills that make the spine of Great Britain.
If you are looking for self catering accommodation in the lovely Wensleydale countryside, you need Askrigg farm cottages. Enquire today to book your perfect getaway.